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Laurie and Chris C. (Stittsville & Almonte)

Aron is a fantastic agent to work with.  He has represented us in several sales and purchases of homes and has always provided a very pleasant experience.  He is professional,  helpful and personable.  Aaron would make himself available for any questions, discussions and concerns and take his time to ensure his clients are confortable and pleased throughout the process.  He has always given great advice and helped make both sales and purchases as easy as possible.  We would gladly use his services again and recommend him!"


Omer & Khaled - Trainyards, Ottawa
Working with Aron was nothing short than spectacular. He's very detail oriented and is willing to go above and beyond to get the job done right! His responsiveness and professionalism truly made our experience a great one. Rest assure you're in safe hands with Aron. 
Claudia & Larry - Hunt Club, Ottawa
My husband and I have had the wonderful experience of working with Aron recently in the search for and purchase of a home.  He was extremely patient, thoughtful and generous with his time as we set out to look at yet "another" property.  He has an uncanny ability to connect individuals to what he thinks might be the right property in the right neighbourhood.  In addition, he was completely professional and provided thoughtful and careful guidance throughout.  We credit Aron for making this an enjoyable experience and we would not hesitate to ask for his services again or to recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a property.  
S. Tierney - Nepean
As a young first time home buyer it can be very stressful dealing with such a large purchase and there are so many different things that weigh in on the decision. 
Aron was very patient while helping us navigate through everything from choosing the right price point and a neighborhood that we wanted to live in, all the way through advising me on what to look for and watch out for with financing options.

Aron took the time to fully understand what we are planning to do now and over the next 5 years and was able to find us a great home that we enjoy living in now and will be able to profit from in the near future. I would highly recommend Aron to family, friends and everyone else.

N. Firestone (Sandy Hill)

Aron has been a great help in selling and buying a number of homes for me.  I had used other real estate agents in the past, but it was Aron's personal touch that really made me comfortable dealing with him in such important matters.  He really seems to have his clients well being (as opposed to his own)  as his first priority in all of the actions that he takes in his efforts to buy or sell your home.  I will continue to request Aron's services in any of my future needs (both commercial and residential)

Michelle & Stuart (Gloucester)

I'd recommend Aron's services to anyone looking for a Realtor. He was kind, friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Aron often went above and beyond his duty in how he supported us through our first home sale together. We greatly appreciated his responsiveness and ability to address all of our questions and concerns promptly. Despite a slump in the market, Aron stood by us every step of the way, making sure we received the best value for our home in the market at that time.

Thank you Aron, you kept us calm when we got anxious and were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Wishing you all the best and much success!


Jeff and Joann Birmingham (Carp)

     Joann and I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the work you did helping us purchase our first commercial property.  Although I have worked in the retail side of a bank for many years and have extensive experience in residential real estate, I was really fortunate to have you on my team as I found out quickly that commercial real estate is a very different creature.  You have a very advanced grasp on the commercial market and you helped us find a place that was well suited for our new enterprise, and more importantly, you steered us away from other places that may have shown well, but you discovered fairly well hidden, but major issues.   We also appreciated that any questions we had were not shrugged off as silly and that you gave great answers as well as the reasoning behind it.

     I know that some of the other people involved in the deal, such as my lawyer, were also very impressed with your knowledge and attention to detail.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that asks for a commercial agent referral.

Ryan (Nepean)

Aron has assisted me in buying two homes over the past few years. He's proven to be very patient and trustworthy - two valuable qualities for a realtor. Whether it's extra market research or short notice viewings - he's always went the extra mile for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Christine and Bruce, Kanata

Aron made the stressful experience of selling our home easier. He explained the various processes in a clear and concise manner and when asked, offered impartial advice. In addition to his polite professionalism he was also very patient. He was always available and provided follow-up to questions and house viewings feedback in a timely manner. We would not hesitate to recommend Aron to anyone buying or selling a house. It was a pleasure to have worked with him.

Ottawa Lawyer

I retained Aron’s services to provide me with a Realtor’s appraisal regarding commercial rents in Ottawa. This was in relation to a legal dispute regarding rents between a commercial Landlord/Tenant. Aron was very knowledgeable on the conditions of commercial rental market and was thorough in his appraisal. We were able to use his report in support of our client’s position. Aron was professional and prompt in my dealings with him. I would not hesitate to seek his advice on similar matters!

- JW, Mortgage Broker

Aron is what I would call one of those well connected people. As a result he is able to provide top notch service to all his clients, whether that's in the residential market or commercial. I've known him for years and know he provides the best possible service to all his clients.

Adrian (Old Ottawa East)

"In my experience, Aron Chaney was able to offer a surprisingly unique service: truly impartial advice.  While he provides a great understanding of market conditions and possible opportunities, he does so in the context of my individual circumstances.  Believing that real estate is not a 'one-size-fits-all' commodity, he was more concerned with what would work best for me.  Offering a logical breakdown of possible risks against my personal objectives, he wisely advised against a significant investment - despite forfeiting a potential sale.  Knowing conclusively that he has my personal interests at heart, I would be privileged to work with Aron again."

Sylvia, (Kanata)

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball filled with challenges and complications to overcome. Whether these changes are self induced or cast upon us, it is my belief that getting through them is where personal growth occurs.

 I connected with Aron by “chance” and was immediately grateful for his expertise.  I had been a home owner for almost 30 years looking for a soft place to land downsizing hoping to find the perfect rental unit. From the first moment I spoke with Aron, he was genuine, compassionate and interested in helping me through this transformation.

 Open communication is so important when you are surrounded by challenges – I had no idea what to expect.  Aron guided me and helped me to understand what I needed to do and what to expect from others.

 I have enjoyed working alongside Aron and would do it again without hesitation.

 Thank you Aron for coming into my life.  I will be forever grateful for your support.

Matt (Nepean)

Thanks again Aron for making the process of locating my new office so simple and stress-free.  Your professionalism was very refreshing.

All the best,


Rose & Alex MacKinnon Stittsville, ON

Aron and Sandy made selling our house a very pleasant experience.  Their knowledge of the local market and market values ensured that we received top value for our house.  They were both very professional and a pleasure to work with.  Aron put in long hours hosting our open houses, and following up with one particularly difficult potential buyer who later turned out to be not a serious buyer at all, and who led us on a wild goose chase only to eventually drop out. Selling one's home is a very stressful experience and both Aron and Sandy have a calming personality that puts the seller at ease. Because of their expertise and knowledge, our house sold at a price that set a new record for our neighbourhood.  It was a pleasure to work with them and we would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and family.

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